Energy Surveys Work Specialisations

Structural Deformation Surveys

Structural deformation monitoring surveys involve precisely and regularly surveying marks on structures for level and position to check for movements. Techniques employed include angle and distance measuring using electronic instruments, optical and plumbline vertical shaft alignment and short distance measurements across joints/cracks to sub millimetre accuracy. Results are compared to previous surveys to produce tables, plots and graphs of changes.

Geothermal Subsidence Monitoring

Networks of bench marks are precisely levelled to determine surface vertical changes which are usually the result of subsurface pressure changes and compaction. Both engineering sructures and ground marks are monitored to check their relative and absolute movements. The results are compared to previous surveys to produce contours of annual subsidence and graphs of subsidence against time. Geothermal field survey techniques are also applicable for monitoring areas of oil, gas, coal, gold or water extraction.

Other Survey Services

Energy Surveys also offers services in the following areas:

  • Precise levelling and dimensioning of industrial machines and equipment.
  • Survey network design and installation
  • Reviewing historical data and the suitability of existing networks
  • Topographical, setting out, volumetric, hydrographic and other engineering surveys using total station, GPS or photogrammetric methods